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My best friends Mum, need i say more

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My best friends mum

* Note from the webmaster:
"This story was sent in by one of our existing members, you can also send in a story or any erotic experience youve had that you wish to send in and share with the rest of the ukadultchat members by sending an email with your story attached to me"

Story by: 'Dirty' Daniel Denton
Submitted: 09/03/2003

I called round for Darren as I normally do when I'm not studying for my exams. We were on our second term break and if like us you had worked hard all year you needed time to rest and recuperate. I knocked on the door the way I usually do, little quick knocks on the door in rapid concession so as to know it was me. Darren was a bit of a mummy's boy and always had been, he walked around the house like the lord of the manor with his Mum picking up after him. Darren's mum was a single parent and never remarried after his Dad run off with his secretary and left her to bring him up on her own.

As she answered the door I got a stiffy, as I always did from the sweet smell of perfume that exuded from her. She had always been an attractive woman and looked after herself really well. Funny why her husband ran off really, she aged really well and even now into her forties she still looked half her age. Darren was upstairs sleeping off last nights hedonistic behavior when I called, so being the perfect host she invited me in and said she'll get him up. "Don't do that!" I said. "Sit down and chat for a while, leave that lazy git sleeping for a while". She laughed as she knows I mean it in the best way "your a nice boy Danny, a real gentlemen! I wish he was more like you" i was used to this kind of talk from her, Darren was always saying how she banged on about how much she wished he was more like me.


We talked for a while over a cup of tea, she asked how I was doing at school and I commented on how well she looked. She said that she was flattered and that no one had paid her a complement in years. Everytime I looked away I could feel her looking at me. Before I knew what I was doing we both lunged at each other, kissing passionately and holding on to each other, groping and she was pulling at my cock through my jeans, I was really hard, my cock was throbbing like mad. We both pulled away and looked at each other, we were thinking the same thing. "We can't do it here, he might come down" she said. She looked out to the back garden, there was a tiny shed her husband used to use as an office. She pulled me by the collar and said "Do you know how long i've been waiting to do this for?" I had know idea, but from the way she was stroking my ever growing manhood I could tell this had been thougth over for a while.


Once we were inside the shed she instantly unzipped me and pulled my cock out and knelt down putting it into her mouth, in one go she engulfed my whole cock and i'm not a small lad! She gulped it down like she hadent had a decent meal in years. She took it out and started licking up and down the shaft and slobbering madly over my balls and helmit. I was loving it so grabbed her by the hair and forced my cock again and again into her gagging mouth. "Oh Fuck! you give head like a fucking expert!" I said. I pulled her to her feet and violently turned her to face the shed wall. Lifting up her skirt I could feel the heat from her cunt just waiting to be filled. "Now fuck me!" she said. I wasent about to waste anytime so I pulled her knickers to one side and plunged my cock deep inside her. "My god! what a fucking hard cock you have!" this was true, with the ecxitement of fucking a woman I had secretly lusted after for years and the danger of being caught by my best friend I was more turned on that I'd ever been. She was moaning like crazy! "Fuck me! fuck me!" she kept saying. I kept slamming her harder everytime she said it, pounding and pounded at her soft wet cunt. She was screaming now "I'm gonna cum, I can feel it!" sure enough as she climaxed she started buckerooing on my shaft, shuddering with one orgasm aftre another. I too was very close and could feel the spunk flooding my cock to my helmet ready to explode inside her. "I'm cumming" I said. Barely abke to catch her breath she said "No, not inside me" and pulled away and spun round to face me and knelt down back on her knees. "I'll swallow the evidence" she said as she starting sucking my cock again with the same hunger that brought us her in the first place, cupping my balls as she sucked down on my ready cock. She sucked every last bit of spunk from my cock with greed, i was left feeling ransacked my balls completly empty.


"Mum, where are you!" I could here loudly coming from the main bedroom. "Just a minute dear" she shouted back. "I'm, er just in the up!" she was indeed! she cleaned me out certainly. As Darren came down, we were already back in the living room. "Alright mate" said Darren. "yeah mate" I said nodding at him "Your mums been looking after me while you were asleep". "Good, I hope she hasent been driving you mad with how much I should be like you" "No, not at all" I said looking at her and giving a slight wink. She didnt smile back, but you could tell she had loved our time in the shed, but it could never happen again and Darren could never know.

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