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Recorded Stories

The bar meeting


* Note from the webmaster:
"This story was sent in by one of our existing members, you can also send in a story or any erotic experience you've had that you wish to send in and share with the rest of the phonemesexy members by sending an e-mail with your story attached to me"

Story by: TheFuckSlave
Submitted: 07/07/2003

I'm a 35 year old man, I'm without a girlfriend and living on my own, I've had girlfriends in the past, but I've always preferred my independence, I keep myself fit and have a very social job so I get out quite a bit and meet new people. I'm fairly attractive I'd say for my age, I have a good shape and haven't let my belly turn too flabby like most people knocking at forties door, but I'm NO Brad Pitt!! The reason I feel this is important is because of what happened to me the other night I just have to tell someone about it


I'd been drinking in a hotel bar just down the road from my work with a few pals, Nice place, very posh indeed, the night went on and I got steadily more drunk the people in my company steadily started to drift off home to whatever it is that people do with weekends. Soon enough I was left alone at the bar and with no one to talk to, I started to scan the room for any potential drinking partners that would join be in a drunken bullshit Friday night chat. As I scanned the room, I realized just how alone I was! There were a smattering of people in the bar, most were all dressed up, tipsy and of course enjoying various bullshit Friday night chats with partners or friends.


Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her. She was about 25 by appearance, but she looked far too classy to be a younger girl, I guessed that's just how beautiful people look. She had long dark hair, very thick and shiny, healthy and styled. Light tanned skin which was toned and blemish free. Even with beer goggles on YOU know when you've seen a real honey! someone who just sets your balls on fire with one look of her light green almost jade like eyes. I sat there mesmerized, just staring like a pervert I couldn't help it! She was gorgeous. She saw me gawking and stood up from behind the table and made her way to me. My heart started beating out of control, I sobered up instantly. Was she coming to tell me off or just walk past me on the way to the toilet. Either way I was ready, Fuck it!! how many chance do you get to even speak to a woman like that! I didn't care if she came over and slapped my face and call me a twat, it would be worth it just to hear her voice and feel her skin on mine.


As she was walking over it seemed like forever almost in slow motion, she had a tight fitting silky two piece dress on that showed some of her sexy toned waist and also hugged to her figure and really showed the best of her tan and figure, Wow she had an amazing body!! Great sized breasts with a toned waist and fit legs. I was already fantasizing about running my tongue up and down her tanned legs and just diving into her pussy, who wouldn't!!

"Your burning a hole in my dress" she said in a American accent. Immediately I was turned on. I had always a a thing for US girls. "ER... what!?" I said slightly taken back. "You've been staring at me free of charge for some time now, and I think at least you could by me a drink!"

"How absolutely rude of me madam, waiter!!! a glass of your finest champagne!!!" I said in my best old English Rex Harrison accent. I was hoping she would realize the joke, thankfully she had a sense of humor and laughed out loud! "Well aren't you just the sweetest man I've ever met!" She said returning the banter with her most exaggerated southern accent. We both laughed. I perked up and was at least semi-sober.

Before I knew it we had been chatting for hours, she told me about her past and home town. It turned out she was here on business.and was due to meet an associate for dinner and he'd had to cancel last minute. More fool him I say!!! I was falling in love there on the spot, I couldn't help staring at her round tanned pert breasts and lovely toned legs. Most of all, her face was amazing her eyes drew you into her. She was really in full swing now, quite drunk and very flirtatious. Every touch of her hand on my knee was making my helmet throb. The smell of her was making me want to eat her cunt until she screamed.


"Hey, you! you'd get a better view of these upstairs" she said waving her room keys at me "Your staying here!?" She nodded again and lent forward. "You can finish the rest of that champagne upstairs". I was ready to explode inside my pants. I couldn't believe my luck! I was shaking and busting with nervous excitement. "Lead the way!"

As we entered the room I wasn't very suprised to find she had an expensive room, big double bed, Jacuzzi the lot, she turned straight to me and began kissing my neck and rubbing my cock through my trousers.No need for the champagne I thought throwing it to the floor. "Fuck, you southern girls really get straight down to it don't you!?" I said as she squeeze my cock harder. " I take conrol of every situation baby, In the bedroom and the boardroom!"

She notioned for me to lay back on the bed. I did as I was told! She knelt down in between my legs and started biting through the material of my my trousers, as they were a light pair, I could already feel the heat from her lips pressing against the shaft of my rock hard cock. I was pratically being sucked off. With one movement she'd undone my flies and then I felt the real deal!! Her lips were wet and smooth and I was getting the best sucking of my life. She was teasing me with the tip of her tongue and when just sliding lips up and down my shaft while half chewing and then kissing and nibbling all over my cock and balls. I was ready to shot my load all over her, but I had to make an impression and I wanted this to last. I pulled her up and spun her over laying her on her back. Pulling her dress up I pulled the white diamonte thong to one side and dived in. She tasted fresh and clean and juicy, I began teasing her clit with my tongue and then kissing and licking all over her beautiful smelling cunt, she was now moaning very loudly for me to keep going. "Thats it baby! Suck that pussy!! oooooh!, now I want you to stick your cock in me!! Do it now before I explode" She was realy wet and the juices were flowing, with one movement with my trousers around my ankles I had stuffed my cock in her, and I was pounding away like a madman.

I was ready to cum so I slowed down and flicked between slowly easing my dick in and out of her pussy, and then punidng for a few seconds until I was brought to the boil and then stopping again ad just resting my cock inside her. She was bucking and relishing every minute of it!! There was only one way to go, go for goal and keep trusting and hope she came and then I could unload my lot. Then I heard the magic words "Baby i'm just about ready to cum, I can feel it, don't stop now" I started thrusting harder and was only more turned on by watching my cock slide in and out of her designer pussy which was perfect finished off with a neat brazilian strip.


"I'm coming!" she screamed as I pushed by full cock deep inside her. I watched her bucking on my cock like a woman posessed. She held the back of my neck and pushed her pelvis to mine even more as she finished the last of her orgasm and she lay their shuddering for a second as I just watched her for a bit, while she played with herself, my cock still inside her was ready to blow, she had a fine layer of sweat all over her which made it harder for me to control myself. "Honey!, that was amazing, but you'll need to finish off won't you?" she said. Too right! She didnt waste time and turned over on her belly while lifeting her ass in the air and wiggling a little bit to signal me to enter her. She had a perfect ass and the sight of it made me what to explode all over her tight bum cheeks, I slid my dick in and she turned her neck to face me. "Now, fuck me!" she said. I had only two or three pumps in me before I new I was coming. I told her I was about to fill her up. "No, not inside" she said, pulling her body away and flipping back over to face me. She took hold of my tool and started to smoke it again, although this time more forceful almost as if she was going to suck it right off my body. Up and down she went licking, sucking and nibbling my balls and shaft. Within seconds I was shoting cupfuls of gooey hot spunk all over her tits and neck. She continued to wank me off until every last drop was gone. "Fuck, that was fucking great" I shouted.


We lay there somemore and of course I had to have another go, 3-4 times that night, I left her feeling sore and so did I. We had fucked each other dry that night. I left in the morning, leaving her with my number in case she was in town again soon. She'll never call again and hasent so far, but as far as first night meetings go, that was going to be pretty hard to beat.

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