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Our phone sex FAQs

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65p Phone Sex Lines
 Asian Babes
(0909) 534 2435
 Nympho Girls
(0909) 534 2440
 Pure Filth
(0909) 534 2447
 Hungry House Wives
(0909) 534 2455
 Big Boobs
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 Mature Women
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 Experienced Women
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 Just Legal
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 Foot Fetish
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 Knicker Lovers
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 Adult Babies
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 TV Babes
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 Leather Fetish
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(0909) 898 0029
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 Young House wives
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 Mature House wives
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 Sympathetic Women
(0909) 534 2496
 Outdoor Girls
(0909) 534 2498
 Sporty Girls
(0909) 534 2501
Party Girls
(0909) 534 2503
 Big Women
(0909) 534 2507
(0909) 898 0038
0909 534 2510
Recorded Stories

Calls charged at 65p plus Access charges.

Phone sex Faq's

If you have a query regarding a service please contact us

Pick a subject:

Why are you so cheap?
Who are you guys?
What can I expect when I make a call?
How much does this cost?
How does it show on my bill?
What about mobile phone calls?
How do I get the most from my phone call
Isn't it all just a big scam?
How do I get in touch with you?
I found someone who I had a great time with, how do I contact her again?
If I don't like a service, who do I speak to?


Why are you so cheap?
The answer to that is simple. My girls were more than willing to drop the price of these services. This allows you to feel free to talk for longer without the worry of the call sky rocketing your phone bill. This is a NEW type of phone sex service that is NO different to the current £1 and £1.50 services.
Try us!! I guarantee you'll be a very satisfied customer and will continue to use this site in the future.

Who are you guys?
First and foremost we are phone sex fans, secondly we are phone sex service providers. We have around 5 years in the premium rate business. Due to the astonishing amount of dodgy sites that offer a second rate service. Our primary business plan was to provide you, the paying customer with an excellent service that is well presented and considerate of your needs. Our lines are sourced from premium phone sex providers, All the guys and girls that work for us are very good at their jobs but most important they enjoy it!!

We pride ourselves on these qualities:-

1 Outstanding Customer Service
2 Talented Hot and Horny girls and guys
3 Your ability to choose the girl or guy you want
4 Providing good information on all services.

What can I expect when I make a call?
Once you have chosen you desired service simply dial the number and wait to be transfered to the main menu. This usually takes only a few seconds. Once you have reached the menu you will be able to scroll through a list of personal messages from a list of horny girls trying to tempt you into a conversation, then simply choose a girl that takes your fancy and the rest is confidential and between you and the girl!!

If you're shy and prefer to listen. Recorded phone sex stories are best for you, this works in much the same as the live 121 numbers, except an automated system will explain briefly how you can use your phone to toggle between the menu and select a service and of course you can just sit back relax and listen.

There are two main types of service. The most popular is where you listen to a menu, and hear messages recorded by the girls to tempt you to talk to them. These services are great, as you get to pick the type of girl you want to talk to. Other services you don’t get to choose, and you are connected directly to a girl. These girls tend to be home based which means they are comfortable and can give you their full attention.

How much does this cost?
Our lines are 65p per minute plus Access charges, this is for a top quality service. I won't lie to you and tell you we can get you off for 65p per minute plus Access charges, that simply isn't true. But we don't use any misdirection to keep you on the line longer than needed. We want you to enjoy the service without the fear of a huge bill. On average feedback tells us that many people are very satisfied with a 5 - 10 minute call. Read the section on getting the most out of your call

How does it show on my bill?
If you have itemised billing, calls will appear on your phone bill marked as 'premium rate', with the number beside.

What about mobile phone calls?
Calls via mobile accesss vary, Orange have said they charge 90p for a 65p per minute plus Access chargesline and 1.20 for a 1 line. Virgin could only say between 50p and 2.50 and have personally experienced 1.50 per minute for a 65p per minute plus Access chargesline. Bottom line is, check with you operator and expect to pay a much higher rate.

Getting the most from your phone sex call!
Get prepared, get yourself nice and horny before you call, and have a few fantasies available. Perhaps think of what you’d like the girl to wear, and in your fantasy what you would like to do. We have some great sexy image galleries that are just the thing to get you going. Or perhaps read one of our erotic stories also available as part of the service. Then, instead of spending time (and your hard earned money!) on getting turned on whilst actually on the call, you can use the time to really enjoy the call. Always call back services you’ve been happy with in the past. If you find a service you were happy with, make a note of the number so you can enjoy the same experience again.

Remember you're in charge of the call (unless you're on our domination lines where, quite frankly, you'll do as you're told!) so direct the call how you want it to go, our girls are very good at judging moods and can adapt quickly to please you the way you want. This will save you time and that means money!

Isn't it all just a big scam?
No, definetly not from us, the industry is very heavily regulated now and even so, we wouldn't even consider upsetting a customer with a second rate service. Beware of some sites offering ridiculously cheap alteratives such as the so called '20p' a minute services, you'll be left feeling more than slightly annoyed. One of the biggest governing bodies that deals with the premium rate industry is ICSTIS and they can be contacted to report any dodgy services.

How do I get in touch with you?
Many other sites offering phone sex services have poor customer relations and don't offer any way for a customer to contact them. We have nothing to hide, we offer a professional service and you will find our contact details listed on our Contact Details page where will be happy to answer any quieries you might have.

I found someone who I had a great time with, how do I contact her again?
Some services have extension numbers to the girls, so if you had a good time, don’t hang up straight away, say thankyou, and ask them if they have an extension number, this will take you straight through to her next time if she is available. Many people strike up a very good relationship with many of our guys and girls.

If I don't like a service, who do I speak to?
All our services are governed by ICSTIS who are the governing body of all premium rate services. In all honesty if you had a bad 5 minute call not much can be done about a refund as you chose to try the services. However if you had a legitimate complaint about a billing or perhaps a call you didnt make you could complain directly to ICSTIS and they will chase up the service reseller and they'll be sure to get a good telling off or even be barred from promoting further services. Thankfully we arent like that!



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61p Per Minute Phone Sex lines. Calls charged at 61p plus Access charges.

What happens when I make a call?

Find out here

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61p per minute Recorded Stories
(Recorded lines charged at 61p per minute plus access charges )

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